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CREA specializes in creating websites that convert

We analyze data in order to create designs that maximize conversions on your website.

Our Clients Trust Us:

We created a high converting eCommerce website for Diamond Ground Products.
Weldlogic Forming & Welding Solutions
We created an optimized website and grow their business with SEO services.

Our Website Development Process


Client Form & Proposal

  • We provide a form for you to fill out that will give us an idea of your business' style and goals.
  • We schedule a Skype meeting to discuss expectations.


Design Prototype

  • We provide you a static visual mockup of the site design, called a Design Prototype.
  • You are allowed one major and two minor revisions for free.


Site Build

  • You approve the Design Prototype and we begin building the website.
  • We will email you regarding milestones and progress.

Websites are not a one-time investment. Browsers, search engines, and security threats are constantly changing - your website needs to keep up.

We offer maintenance plans to keep your website secure, fast loading, and fully responsive for all devices and browsers.

A website that works well and appeals to your audience adds value to any company and will increase revenue.

Every project is different,
so we price based on your company profile, goals, and the complexity of the website.

CREA is amazing!! They sent me such a detailed report of my SEO performance as well as including simple tips on how to improve my overall website. Would definitely recommend if you're looking to dive into SEO.
Aloha Madz
CREA is a pleasure to work with. Alex is extremely knowledgeable about Website Design, as well as the most effective forms of digital marketing. They have been an exceptional asset.
Channel Islands Design
I've never seen a site take off like this. Just awesome how well it's structured. It's like a damn symphony. Just really well done! CREA comes highly recommended.
Our clients trust CREA Studio for their online marketing needs
Diamond Ground Products

Frequently Asked Questions

This depends on how simple or complicated the website will be.

In general, we complete a standard website in about 14 days.

eCommerce or custom websites can take 30 days or more.

Our hourly rate for website design & development is $70.

When building a website, we ask for a deposit of $1,000.

This deposit covers the setup, design, and building of the framework of the website, including the homepage.

Once the deposit period is over, we bill bi-weekly at our hourly rate to complete and launch the website.

Check out our pricing page!

We have been using WordPress exclusively to build websites for over 5 years.

It is the most flexible platform available and gives us infinite options for customization and advanced functionality.

We're sorry to hear that.

We work efficiently and we keep in tight communication with our clients. We will never "leave you hanging".

Many freelance web developers and designers end up ditching projects because of personal issues or work overload.

We have a team of professionals to ensure that someone is always working on your project.

This is the difference between a freelancer and an agency.

Your hosting, much like your website, should match your goals.

Many of our clients have worked with shared hosting in the past and experienced speed and downtime issues.

We work with a premium hosting provider called Cloudways.

We recommend either starting an account with them for your new website or using the hosting options in our maintenance plans.

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