Online Ads That Convert

Instant results from our proven sales funnels.

CREA Specializes in Pay Per Click Advertising

We create continuous new leads and increase sales by your optimizing online advertising based on your goals.

What is Included in a PPC Campaign?

Landing Pages

High-quality landing pages that convert leads to customers.

Ad Creation

Ad messaging that provides immediate, measurable results.


Constant optimization to maximize the ROI on your ad spend.

Our Proven PPC Method

Keyword Research

  • Competitor analysis for profitable keywords.
  • Select the best relavent keywords to drive traffic.

AdWords Setup

  • We set up AdWords with the right ad group structure.
  • We establish the optimal initial bids using our own internal bidding algorithm and industry baseline research

Conversion Tracking

  • We provide conversion tracking that focuses on the campaign’s positive impact to the business—not just on impressions, clicks, or traffic.

Ad Creation

  • We match the right ad to the right audience.
  • Each ad text and graphic is created and tested to target high-intent customers.

Consistent Optimization

  • We test, monitor, and optimize every ad to get the best results.
  • Our specialists monitor and adjust your bids to maximize your ad spend.

Reporting & Analysis

  • Reports are sent weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly.
  • We show what matters to your business goals.

Did you know that online ads will be 60% of the marketing budget for 1/3 of marketers in the next four years?

CREA is amazing!! They sent me such a detailed report of my SEO performance as well as including simple tips on how to improve my overall website. Would definitely recommend if you're looking to dive into SEO.
Aloha Madz
CREA is a pleasure to work with. Alex is extremely knowledgeable about Website Design, as well as the most effective forms of digital marketing. They have been an exceptional asset.
Channel Islands Design
I've never seen a site take off like this. Just awesome how well it's structured. It's like a damn symphony. Just really well done! CREA comes highly recommended.
Our clients trust CREA Studio for their online marketing needs
Diamond Ground Products

Frequently Asked Questions

Generally, we can rank a keyword on page 1 of Google within about 6 months.

This all depends on the competitiveness of the keywords and the industry or niche your business is in.

We will advise based on your business' specific goals.

SEO is very complex.

If there was an easy way to get ranked within a day, everyone would do it. It does take time.

If you really want results ASAP, you may consider trying our Paid Advertising services.

The average ROI (return on investment) from SEO is $14 - $22 per dollar spent.

SEO has a much higher average ROI than paid ads and provides long lasting results.

Because we truly want you to attain results from our campaign, we have a minimum contracted time of 3 months for SEO campaigns.

If we are not able to rank your website on page 1 for your desired keywords in 6 months or less, we will work for free until they are on page 1.

All of our PPC technicians are Google Partners and have worked in the industry for over 5 years.

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